Organizing Your Desk Space

Comfy Desk and Chair

I know this may seem irrelevant but its something very basic. If you're not comfortable then you won't be motivated to start your organizing. I have a small section in my bedroom where I do paperwork and organize my files and folders. I have a small desk, ergonomic chair, printer and files and folder section.
It's setup in a way that is comfortable for me to work and start my day. Here are some links below of simple desks that would work best in small spaces and a chair that's ergonomic and affordable. Keep in mind you don't have to have the desk in your bedroom. It can be in the living room, office, dining room, kitchen, mud room or wherever you are able to create a comfy workspace.


Keep a File Folder or Digital System

Having a folder system is extremely important when tax season rolls around and you have to get your paperwork together. Personally I chose the traditional file folder system versus the digital system simply because I love paper. I use a file folder holder, file folders and tabs for my desktop filing and I use hanging file folders for my storage client file folders. If you haven't seen the hanging file folder organizer before, click the first link below.
Going digital is more economical but I just can't take myself there just yet but to start going Digital here is a great article I came across on Techlicious that gives the ins and outs of digital filing.

Create File Folders Before Main Tabs

The reason I say create the file folders first to see how to organize your main tabs. It helps you get more focus on what  you need to work on or complete.

Time Block Your Day

It's so easy to get caught in one project and over extend your time. Break your time up throughout the day so you can complete more in less days than less with more days.