3 Tips to Market Your Business

TIP #1 - ADS

  • Identify where customers are online
  • Look into making online ads (make sure if you want ads online you have to put them in the right places)
  • Go on instagram and ask other small business to do a logo or caricature so you can put ads on their sites (don't put ads on sites where it has no relation to your industry)
  • VERY IMPORTANT to buy ads for target audience
  • Add keywords from your industry to tags on instagram


  • Pretty self explanatory. Find similar small businesses that have something in common with your business to promote each other.

TIP #3 - YOUTUBE and some other social media

  • Make YouTube videos about your experiences with a small business like yours. You don't have to be in the video physically but instead use slideshows or powerpoint slides.
  • Use YouTube or Twitch to stream how you do things
  • Primarily use common websites to promote your business. The average person browses ie: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr etc.